“Lads” is a sensuous installation experimenting with the connections and influences of neo-classical sculpture in early modern dance, specifically around notions of masculinity and the ideal physical form. As the performer moves in a meditative tantric state, he opens up a space for questions about desire and how neo-classical forms and ideologies are still in existence within our every day culture. In addition, it aims to confront how class structure plays within the homoerotic spectrum. The installation includes a movement responsive sound program designed by Montreal-based performance coder and system developer Naoto Hieda.  Follow the project on Instagram  @Lads2017  and  #lads   Supported in part by residency at  Villa Empain, Foundation Boghossian  Brussels and research at Choreographic Coding Lab Amsterdam through Naoto Hieda/ Pola Arts Foundation  Danced by: Erik Nevin and Christopher Matthews  Additional research and dramaturgical support: Janine Harrington  Photo Credits: Thomas Dupal (unless otherwise stated)
My Body is No.1
 Drawing on my experience in popular music and dance, I here work with the music video format to explore its particular performativity.  Untitled: Portraits (2017) are together studies which draw inspiration partly from Warhol’s Screen Tests, with the thought that if he were alive today he would be engaging with the music video as a format at the centre of pop culture. With these works I am interested in iconoclasm, a critical engagement with technique and the formal properties of popular media. Whilst drawing on certain familiar values of the music video (in terms of rhythm, editing, length and addressal of audience) I intend to re-focus on performance within the medium. The videos are played without the sound so that the subject, the body and its gestures, becomes more present; the identity of the music is present only through its embodiment. By masking the gender of the singer and the placing of the (white mid-30s) male body in relation to the music and its performance, I aim to highlight the codes of gender and performance of sexualities.  Each video is around 3 minutes 30 seconds, and you can find a short-form version  here   *Made with the in-kind support from Sadlers Wells  Presentations:  2017  And What? Queer Art(ist) Now, Exhibition, Archive Gallery October  Reykjavik Dance Festival, Gerald Kurdian's "A QUEER BALLROOM FOR HOT BODIES OF THE FUTURE", November  This work was  been selected for distribution to several European festivals and related contexts.
 Videography is a series looking at the body of the artist in music videos.  Currently, I am analysing the images and edits for each of Britney Spears’ dance focused music videos and replacing the images with cuts of my own body and dancing.  Reproducing the images with generic unapologetic images gives heighten context to how the body of the artist is represented.  I am interested in how the body becomes a place of labour, expression and exploitation through its different performative states.  Demonstrating how the body is represented either as an object of desire or functioning through movement.
 Exhibited:  (solo show) 4Bid Gallery, Amserdam   How does the group function?  (group Show & Publication) Enclave, London,