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Brighton Digital Festival

Untitled Video Portraits 1-10 will be on display at the Marlborough Pub and Theatre as part of Brighton Brighton Digital Festival and New Queers on the Block, supported by South East Dance.

In this exhibition artist Christopher Matthews presents screen-based and interactive digital works, seen in Brighton for the first time. Matthew’s work is rooted in the collision between popular culture and art histories and techniques. As a performer his own body is at the centre of the work: a highly skilled, larger, cis-gendered, white, gay, male body whose persistence continues to queer the idealised physical form of the classical dancer.

Untitled Video Portraits (2017/ present) are together studies which engage with the music video as a format at the centre of pop culture. With these works Matthews is interested in iconoclasm, a critical engagement with technique and the formal properties of popular media. Whilst drawing on certain familiar values of the music video (in terms of rhythm, editing, length and addressal of audience) he intends to re-focus on performance within the medium. The videos are played without the sound so that the identity of the music is present only through its embodiment by a subject.

 Walk 4 Me is an interactive digital dance work exploring a tension between the pedestrian and the icon referencing Janet Jackson’s concert stage walks. 

Film still 3.png