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ImPulsTanz teaching: Artist as Nomad intensive

  • ImPulsTanz Vienna Austria (map)

Artist as Nomad

I am a(n)_____, living in _____, working in _____, _____, and _____, paying my taxes in _____, I speak _____ but understand _____ a little, I consider to be working as a _____, but I generally find myself working in _____, I sometimes work as a _____ to make extra money to support myself as a _____, I like to eat _____ food but I am open to trying anything, I prefer to travel by _____, I usually stay in _____, most of my friends and colleagues live in other countries.

"We’ve been called to leave our country, be European, movable, multilingual free lands and become our own individual…. Being a foreigner is a mystical State." – Paola Di Bella, My purse is a black hole

This workshop helps create a self-dialogue with the individual participants about their cultural cartography. The aims are to create a process that considers the self as a nomad instead of as a freelancer. The nomad is a person who will take, give and rethink their interaction with other cultures, dialogues and places. It is also a non-linear path within the self. The workshop will use readings, dialogues, writing, surveys, map building, improvisation, dance parties, picnics and scavenger hunts to develop material for creation. Through group investigations, participants will culminate in surveying one self and their attachment to the contemporary definitions of nomads.

Originally created through a HMRC research grant from CreativeWorks London and developed in collaboration with Dr. Sara Houston and University of Roehampton Dance Department.

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