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ImPulsTanz teaching: Commercial Contemporary Jazz

This class will begin with a classic Jazz warm up combining styles of Mattox, Giordano and Fosse. The warm up is focused on developing the technical basics through devised combinations engaging the key muscle groups so the body can dance from its muscular system. It will build up to a full body experience.

Every class will end with a combination that takes shape as organic and thrash style movement to develop the participant’s precision, speed and performance abilities. We will break down movements for the participants to find how they can build on the warm up's aim of engaging the muscular body. Each combination is built to develop the performativity of the dancer and how they can access where this comes from within bodies' emotional core. There will be a strong focus on how to develop artistry whilst continuing to execute technical skill.

„Whenever I think of Swan Lake and Rihanna, I think of you!“ (Meagan O’Shea on Christopher Matthews)

"I'm a jazzerina!" (Christopher Matthews on Christopher Matthews)

Earlier Event: July 26